About us

We believe that everybody has a common desire to look nice and feel comfortable in the clothes that they wear.

However, for people with physical and mental impairments dressing in regular clothing, is often difficult. If such individuals are unable to dress themselves, they need clothing that is both attractive and easy for an assistant to help them put on. It's through the realization that those with physical and mental impairments were underserved in the fashion industry that we created our extensive line of clothing. We have a wide selection of adaptive clothing that conforms to the needs of individuals suffering from dementia, Alzheimer and many other behaviour problems. If individuals are suffering from mobility impairments our adaptive clothing can increase the quality of their lives. For those who suffer from incontinence our incontinence clothing can assist in keeping them clean. We have fashionable bodysuit styles that feature a zipper back and zipper in the crotch designs that prevent undressing, picking, and smearing . Our clothing is ideal for individuals who are confined to the home and require an overall style outfit that covers their entire body. Our products offer a solution to the many problems individuals suffering from these illnesses face. When they're dressed in our clothing you can rest assured that they will remain in their clothes while feeling comfortable and looking good. 4Care adaptive clothing


Our mission is to provide individuals with disabilities the option to dress in a way that is comfortable, fashionable, and easy to wear.

Often Regular clothing either doesn't fit properly or can't be put on. When casual clothes are altered to fit it often looks inappropriate or unpleasant. Our mission is to bring an end to this problem. We offer clothing that is not only practical and comfortable but also looks good. We believe that everyone deserves to have a sense of pride in the way they look. When you have fashionable clothing that suits the way you need to dress you're virtually guaranteed to feel better about yourself. When you look better, you feel better, and you act better. Our mission is to dress people with the care they deserve.