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Blog - “Getting Dressed” is an essential activity all of us must perform daily.

“Getting Dressed” is an essential activity all of us must perform daily.
By Bruce 2/27/2020 9:39 AM

“Getting Dressed” is an essential activity all of us must perform daily. But for some people, dressing and undressing can be a huge effort. People with mobility issues find it very difficult to wear everyday ordinary clothes and often have to resort to wearing ill-fitting uncomfortable clothes. Not anymore – thanks to 4Care’s thoughtfully designed smart clothing; people with limited mobility can wear comfortable clothes and look smart. Now dressing bedridden people is no longer a chore for caregivers, and so much easier for the patients.

4Care clothing has taken  normal clothing and converted it into clever clothing. It is easy to wear and take off and extremely comfortable. This line of clothing is designed for patients suffering from  stroke, paralysis, broken limbs, somatically ill and anyone else who may be wheelchair-bound or have limited limb mobility including patients  with muscle contracture. The 4Care collection ensures that dressing after stroke is smart and comfortable.

It is designed like normal clothing but with openings at the seams or the back that allow the clothes to be put on or taken off with ease without putting the patient through too much trouble, as would happen with normal clothing. Since normal clothes are designed for normal people with full mobility, they are not ideal for people who need assistance with dressing and undressing. The 4care collection has addressed this issue by adding extra openings and closures in their garments to ensure comfort in dressing and wearing the clothes.

The 4Care Collection includes:

Trousers: These come in two versions for wheelchair-bound people. One set has the front cut out and the hips raised to make it more comfortable when sitting. Unlike normal trousers that cut into the flesh causing welts and sores, these trousers fit well around the waist with their unique design. The second pair has a full zip closure on the sides making it easy to slip on and off people who have legs in a cast or cannot move their lower body well. The zippers run all along the sides allowing space to accommodate casts or braces. No more struggling with pulling trousers on and off, just unzip to wear and use the zippers to secure the trousers. The zippers can be left partially open for greater comfort with casts or calipers.

Blouse: This is meant for women and is completely open from the back with a button closure at the neck. The front looks like any ordinary blouse, but the back is open to make it easy to pull on while the patient is sitting in the chair. A large fold in the back allows more freedom to move the arms and there is no cinching or pulling of the garment making it uncomfortable to wear.

Men’s Shirt: This looks exactly like any ordinary shirt in the front but is open at the back to allow ease of putting on. The shirt has an open back with a button closure to keep the shirt in place. It has a large fold in the back that allows maximum comfort and movement of the arms and upper body. 

Jacket: 4Care cares for smart dressing for all mobility-restricted people, hence, there is also an easy wear jacket included in the collection. The high-quality jacket will keep patients warm and comfortable. The jackets have a back opening that makes it easy to pull them on from the front to the back without raising the arms. It has a back-button closure to secure the jacket around the body. There are several different jackets from which you can take your pick.

So dressing after a stroke or with restricted mobility will not be difficult for the patient or the caregiver anymore. 4care clothes will take care of smart dressing for all patients of stroke, paralysis, broken bones, somatic illnesses and any other kind of mobility restriction.